She Says

“Thank you for teaching me how to reach within and pull out my inner Goddess”

– Taryn Joi, Political Activist

“Wifecomma inspires me! Toni is full of life…she is free! She speaks words of wisdom… and I

listen to that wisdom, thank you” – Shaleena, Leosage Images


“Toni is amazing, her message spoke to my heart and spirit, I will be practicing what she

preaches” – Olivia Nicole, Owner of Adore Me More Inc.


“The experience was literally life changing. You helped me really focus in on getting to know

myself and working on my self. Your exercises helped me to consciously check into my

subconscious and literally changed my life. They Literally started helping me attract the things I

desired in life.” – Mercedes Barnes, Owner of Solid LLC.


“Working with Toni has been a transformative and evolutionary experience. Toni has helped me

discover my true sense of self, worth, and value as a woman. She has empowered me to live in

my fullest truth and to be courageous in expressing that truth, unapologetically. My sessions

with Toni have been unparalleled and so necessary in my journey of womanhood.”

– Jereshia Hawk, Owner and Operator of Goal Getter Group


“Toni is one of the most amazing, most positive, inspiring and empowering woman I’ve ever

met. Once you met her you will understand exactly why. She is truly one of a kind and she

leaves quite a remarkable impression on anyone she comes into contact. She has truly helped

me gain knowledge in areas that I’ve needed help in and has exposed me to my true

womanhood and the power that I truly hold as a woman. She introduces the true spirituality and

power of womanhood. She is a thought innovator and beyond her years in womanhood’s

empowerment and she’s exactly what our generation of women need!”

– Moriah Martin, Beauty Expert

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