We are all born to create, our very design as women has the Divine intelligence to form and

create human life in our wombs, therefore we have the competence to create the life of our

dreams. Our creating requires our feminine participation, childlike imagination and free mind…

Let me show you the canvas we can create…


I create with thinkers and doers: Women who souls are arrested by their visions, ideas,

imaginations and big dreams and their heart beats fast to act on every one of them. I create with

women who are creatives, CEO’s, mothers and freedomchasers

and spiritually hungry and want to know where to start or how to advance to their next level of self.

In all that we create together, we begin with THE THINKING which organically leads to THE

DOING. The Creating journey is fun, pleasurable, light hearted met with genuine optimism and

unapologetic girly adventure.

Together we will channel in on your life canvas and identify the

roots of your life matters, what’s growing and not growing within and without of yourself,

examine and define your desires, and create a unique masterpiece map for you to get where

you want to be. Then, we color your courage and creativity, give you brain toys for freedom and

we find every opportunity to take shameless selfies throughout the journey!

Imagine me as your unconditional loving sister friend, womanhood coach, thought stylist and

spiritual collaborator.


Lets Create.

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