My Story

Sound like Yours?

There is a Hebrew passage that states, “He that finds a wife finds a good thing” and I was raised to be that good wife. But after my divorce from a 8 year marriage, I walked into a world that glorified the independent woman and I had no clue how to be independent.

SO STRAIGHT OUTTA MARRIAGE: I worked as a fashion stylist, and while working in New York I met so many independent women I gleaned to them to learn. But what I discovered was although they were independent by social standards many of them didn’t really know who they were, burned out, some emotionally lost and were just simply unkind because they were to busy being a boss to take seriously. So I asked myself “do I want to be a independent woman?” So subconsciously I kept searching for someone I could build a life with. But after years of failed relationships with men and not seeing the example of independent womanhood I yearned for.


What your girl discovered was so intoxicating because I started to see that I was enough, now I had to put in the work to begin believing it. I also discovered not just who I am in this body as a powerful female, but who I am as a spirit in this infinite universe and my purpose being a human in the world. My curiosity led me to what our ancient mothers understood and knew; that womanhood is going within to cultivate deeply a relationship with oneself; Then and only then can we discern what we need to life a lifestyle of wellness.

I left the fashion world because it was fullfilling a talent and gift but not a purpose. I went on to graduate summe cum laude and received my degree in Psychology. I fell in love with knowing, translating and sharing with women this sophisticated knowledge the ancient

practices understandings of womanhood to heal and liberate who we are to the world. Which led me to the realization that being a wife is not really a marital status but the status of developing and fulfilling oneself as a spirit, human and woman. This happens over a lifetime of self care wellness.

Women are looking for opportunities to learn, grow and expand in so many ways, we are so ambitious than ever before. Yet we are yearning to also live, be and feel alive and love. My obsession is to provide those intimate spaces and education to guide women within to fulfill her yearn for her higher and most truest self.

I knew I didn’t want to be another busy, over domesticated, burned out successful woman and I also knew other women didn’t want that either. So here I am and here you are and we have been waiting for this relationship… to work together as sisters to deepen your relationship with you to discover what self care can look like for you to live a lifestyle of wellness.

I moved to New York, pursued my life’s dream to be in the fashion industry and had a identity crisis because fashion was fulfilling a talent and gift but not a purpose. I was also homeless for 3 ½ months sleeping out of my car saving money for my first apartment. After divorce I walked into a “independent women glorified society” and I had no clue how to be independent after a 8 year marriage and a lifetime of being raised to be a wife.

I subconsciously was looking for a husband and this led to so many failed relationships, I wanted help becoming a woman.  This search led me in front of a mirror and I helped myself and moved back to Detroit, went back to school and graduated Summa Cum Laude majoring in Psychology. School rescued me, Psychology delivered me into such a strong awareness of self because I knew now how powerful my mind was if I managed it.

I launched wife comma blog finally, it went from an idea to an action taken. This was a major step for me because I wanted to get my voice and writing skills out to women for so long but wasn’t taking the actions to make this vision a reality until I did. I launched the blog site but stuck with it and evolved it into a wellness empowerment brand for women.

I kept finding myself in familiar self sabotaging emotional patterns wanted to deepen my healing and awareness of self.  I was faced with the challenge of answering the question do I want to brand wifecomma or do I want to live wifecomma? Enrolling into The Work by Byron Katie help me heal in ways I never knew I needed and help be what I wanted to create with WIFE Comma.