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Our culture provides for meeting all other basic needs, especially the need for autonomy, but not for intimacy.  With working with so many women in 2016, whether in a partnership or, I saw a trend of us having so much professional success but not in our personal relationships and engagement with men.

But what makes life worth living? For many generations the answer lay in a productive life of service and work in which the reward of happiness would be ours, in Heaven. Overtime that belief has broken down. People want happiness here and now. And they want it most in their intimate relationships.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the trendy empowerment space, couples are left behind.

Let’s be honest we don’t receive relationship, intimacy and spiritual romance literacy from schools nor religious institutions. Therefore we are left to pop culture, society and our experiences to teach us. Which leaves us more and more disconnected hitting plateaus in our relationships not only with ourselves but with men.

Learning the skills of intimacy–of physical and emotional closeness–has a truly powerful effect on people.

So ladies, WIFE Comma invites you and your partner to join together and explore empowerment in a way that will last you a lifetime.

WIFECOMMA presents you with


Which is a social event for only 20 couples that will experience and learn the tools, literacy on how to attain, build and rebuild intimacy through self love. This is not just another event it is an experience where you will learn, engage and feel empowered for the love life you need and deserve!

This Valentines season empower your partnership mentally, spiritually and romantically while having fun!

Join us on February 11, 2017 4:30pm to 9:30pm a one of a kind social experience


So get your tickets now!

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