Why Selfies are Important

I hear often how people shame selfies. You know what I say to that “blasphemy” I believe women should never feel ashamed of taking private or public selfies. I remember one time I was in line at the bank and I took a selfie, I couldn’t deny the lighting and plus my hair and make up was perfect. So I took advantage of the selfie opportunity and snapped a picture of myself. But there were a couple of women looking at me like I was strange, trying to make me feel uncomfortable. So guess what I did, I kept taking more selfies at different angles with different facial expressions. Funny I know right!

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WIFE Comma on Periscope

Hello you may have heard that I launched a periscope for wifecomma

Its true, its Every Wednesday at 7pm EST on Persicope

Why this Matters

This was born out of my quest to seduce women into empowering their wellness. The reason why I started periscope is for women who stay on the go and feel like they don’t have the time to educate themselves on self care  wellness. This is more like a weekly accountability tool for you to use to stay committed to an educational yet supportive community to empower your daily wellness needs and practices. 

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